Cambrian Park

 United Methodist Church
Reverend Mariellen Yoshino  Pastor
work: 408: 377-8155

   Mariellen Yoshino comes from a multi-generational family of pastors and missionaries who served in Japan, the US west coast, and south Alabama.  

   Mariellen graduated from and counts as precious these alma maters: Andalusia High School (in Alabama), Davidson College (in North Carolina), Saint Paul School of Theology (in Kansas), and University of San Francisco (in California!). She has been a missionary and pastored in rural and urban areas and as a District Superintendent.

   Mariellen is married to Steve.  They share a family of 3 adult children and 6 grandchildren who live in the Minneapolis area, in Charlotte, NC, and in Vancouver, Canada.

     She says, "It is an honor to serve the Cambrian Park UMC and the Almaden Hills UMC!  What a blessing it is to serve 'for such a time as this' in our country, and amidst our city, and our churches."