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Our Pastor and Staff are here to help!

Reverend Amy Beth DurwardReverend Amy Beth Durward
Amy Beth Durward, Pastor of Cambrian Park United Methodist Church, really knows how to ... view details
Office Phone: 408-377-8155
Email: RevAmyBeth@mac.com

Lisa JacobsLisa Jacobs
Joint Youth Ministry Director
Lisa is the full-time director of Joint Youth Ministry. She started in September of 2002 after ... view details

Kat Kraynick BakerKat Kraynick Baker
Associate Youth Director

Grace TroutGrace Trout
Children's Ministry Director
Grace was born and raised in San Jose, California. She studied music at San Jose State ... view details
Office Phone: 408-377-8155
Email: cambrianparkumckids@gmail.com

Devyn NorielDevyn Noriel
Devyn lives in San Jose and studied at San Jose State University.
Cell Phone: (408) 781-4217
Email: dnnoriel9412@gmail.com

Rhonda McDonaldRhonda McDonald
Office/Facilities Coordinator
Rhonda is the go-to person for all things having to do with our facilities. We have a large ... view details
Office Phone: 408-377-8155
Email: facilities@cambrianparkumc.org